“The main theme of Ecclesiastes is to show the vanity of trusting in wealth, knowledge, power, or any other human accomplishment. The writer uses the meaninglessness of human endeavors to illustrate the meaningfulness of a life which experiences God’s leading and wisdom. God makes the pleasures of this life possible and enjoyable; therefore it is imperative for these pleasures to be experience with Him on the forefront of the mind rather than with thoughts of selfishness and personal gain or achievement. Fulfillment in life can only be found when one truly fears God, living according to His commandments, enjoying the gifts and blessings He gives in the present, and believing that He will uphold His promise and reconcile all things at some point in the future.” Ethan

I was thinking of all the goings on in our family life right now. Moving, transitioning to new schools, gap years, embarking on new Kingdom assignments, and an impending marriage. The hippy dippy Byrds song “Turn, Turn, Turn” based on verses from chapter three of Ecclesiastes came to mind came to mind for some strange reason (having good recall to connect disparate thoughts & ideas can get pretty noisy). While the uncertainty within the whirlwind of change can sometimes leave us disconcerted and overwhelmed, there is an appropriateness to the journey we are taking and an appointed time to all things.

The Author of Confusion reminds us that the timing of our sale makes school transitioning difficult…that we probably missed the family home selling season…that we have no place yet to live while we transition to a home we will likely have to build…that we are really on some kind of wild goose chase. As foreboding as all of that can sound, as quick as I am willing to turn my heart and mind toward truth, I am overwhelmed by the Father’s presence, grace, and hand. He not only addresses my fear, but is as quick as a breath and constantly trying to show me His love as He gently steers me in the way that I should go.

On the fourth, we sat in a small neighborhood where we will likely be building. We joined with friends to sit in the street with hundreds of other kids, families, fireworks, ice chests, and lawn chairs. The fireworks display from the county fairgrounds seemed to be just beyond our outstretched hands. My Father reminded me of our time in Wheaton, a few disassociated memories of my childhood, and the dream of the life He is intending for me and my family. The appropriateness of time, place, and next chapter of the story, was as tangible as His written word.

Leading our families and enterprises well starts simply with the fundamental belief (1 Thess 5:9) that through the sacrifice of the Lamb, that He intends us no harm. That His goodness and mercy is our heritage. That nothing escapes His hand, He has overcome the world, and His intentions are for us to live in a grand story for His name and His renown. Like a release valve on an over-inflated time, His peace and presence are constant, ever present, and overwhelming. Our leadership, headship, and stewardship, begin and end in Him and His promises for us. There is an appointed time and purpose for everything under heaven. We simply need to acknowledge it, live fully alive, and invite everyone in our stead to join us.